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Is it really February already?

Where does the time go? There I was looking forward to Christmas and suddenly it’s 2014 and I haven’t smoked in a month, not to mention having gone sailing (finally) for the first time on New Year’s after much talking about it. Time sure does fly.

After thinking that winter would never arrive it’s starting to feel like it might never leave, though I do enjoy those days when the wind is whipping the walls and rattling windows in their panes and I am sat indoors all wrapped up and cosy. Much like in summer when one is caught by surprise by a bout of wind and rain, every now and again the weather warms up and shows a little sunshine leading me to think that we’re in our way into good weather. Needless to say I’ve been wrong now on a few occasions. Yesterday I believe I almost felt my knees knocking because I was under dressed and ill prepared for the Baltic conditions.

It’s been almost 8 months since we moved here and I’m starting to get a handle, arguably, on the local lingo. I still have no idea what those street vendors are wailing about when they wander the streets at all hours but it amuses me to think they are saying ‘Iyiyim’, or ‘I’m good’. I know they aren’t saying that but it sure sounds like it. Not as interesting as ‘bring out your dead’ but better than ‘pretzels, get your pretzels here’, which they also definitely aren’t saying.

I’ve definitely gotten my head around the insanity of taxi drivers, who drive at speed but in whose taxis the only seat belt you’ll find won’t work. Motorised vehicles get right of way from what I can gather and if you’re a pedestrian (which I am) you’ve got to be quick. Health and safety is barely even a myth here, I rather fancy it’s anathema to the society and all it stands for. Darwinism is the word on the street here, be quick or be dead. If more cultures had that attitude there’s a chance we’d get rid, naturally, of many a pleb.

In short, if I was still sitting in Brussels I’d most likely be hungover or drunk. Now, instead, I’m trying to figure out how to draw a distinction between the past simple and the present perfect and work out where comparatives and superlatives would best fit into that lesson.

Oh, the hilarity!



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