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Monthly Archives: October 2013


Having not written for some time now, and also as we are currently celebrating Bayram (holiday), it seems an appropriate time to put pen to paper and catch up on where things are. It was on this very balcony that I first started my blog four months ago so it seems appropriate that I pick up again sitting here in the weaker October sun. The summer sun is unrelenting.

Selecting interesting content is tricky enough at the best of times, even more so now that I actually have a full-time job teaching English, so taking advantage of free-time is a must. Teaching is a demanding job and the hours that myself and the other teachers work are irregular; they are also subject to change at the last minute and that keeps one on one’s toes. Apart from being demanding teaching is also very rewarding, when things go smoothly. Though I am only employed to teach English I do find (depending on the level, ability and curiosity of the students) that I often veer off into philosophy, history, and occasionally politics. We have been warned off subjects such as politics, religion and other culturally sensitive subjects, but I was never very good at following protocol. That being said I am cautious about what I say and to whom I say it. Seeing a student’s face light up when a point hits the mark is worth the risk as far as I am concerned though I may think differently if I am turfed out of the country.

My employment package includes Turkish language lessons but learning this languageĀ is not as easy as one might think. Of course we are in the early stages but already I have found that this is a flat language, meaning that the rhythm is regular and intonation exists only slightly if at all. Probably just as well really since music here draws from a broad palette and the cuisine varies massively depending on the region from which it comes, best leave the vocal gymnastics to the Spanish and Italians.

Iyi bayram lar,



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